Thibault Lagache
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After a PhD in applied mathematics with David Holcman at École Normale Supérieure (stochastic modeling of viral trafficking) and a first postdoc in quantitative image analysis with Jean-Christophe Olivo-Marin at Institut Pasteur (statistical analysis of molecules’ spatial distribution and colocalization), I am now working in the lab of Rafael Yuste at Columbia University.

There, I try to “break the code” of one of the simplest nervous systems in the animal kingdom and therefore one which can be systematically analyzed and perhaps completely understood : the brain of the small freshwater cnidarian Hydra vulgaris. « Breaking the neural code » means that I will attempt at explaining and predicting the animal behavior from the activity of all the individual neurons of its brain (~600-2,000 neurons). For this, I use the big dataset recently acquired in Yuste’s lab that consists of the calcium imaging of the activity of every neuron in a genetically engineered and freely-behaving animal.

Research topics

Image analysis, Spatial statistics, Super-resolution and time-lapse fluorescence microscopy, Mathematical modeling, Stochastic processes, Endocytosis, Host-pathogen interactions, Synaptic transmission and Calcium imaging of individual neuron activity


Statistical analysis and modeling

Rafael Yuste, Columbia University, New-York

Lydia Danglot, Centre de Psychiatrie et Neurosciences, Université Paris Descartes, Paris

Alexandre Grassart and Nathalie Sauvonnet, Institut Pasteur, Paris

Brice Rotureau and Philippe Bastin, Institut Pasteur, Paris

Fabrizia Stavru, Institut Pasteur, Paris

Pedro Escoll and Carmen Buchrieser, Institut Pasteur, Paris

Andreas Herrmann, Humbold University of Berlin

Applied Mathematics

David Holcman, École Normale Supérieure, Paris

Gabriel Lang, Agro ParisTech, Paris